TheMrTutles's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 139 (From 15 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,195 Points

Super Adventure Pals

2 COOL 4 SCHOOL Unlocked 8/18/12
5 Points
Complete the tutorial
BRAGGER Unlocked 8/18/12
5 Points
Get an overall a rating
FIRST BLOOD Unlocked 8/18/12
5 Points
Kill your first enemy
CHARITY CASE Unlocked 8/18/12
10 Points
Donate money to the snow man
COLD KILLER Unlocked 8/18/12
10 Points
Kill one hundred enemies
FAMILY MAN Unlocked 8/18/12
10 Points
Help the penguins start a family
TEARS OF JOY Unlocked 8/18/12
10 Points
Return the farmer's pig
FISH AND CHIPS Unlocked 8/18/12
25 Points
Defeat the fish boss
LOVER MAN Unlocked 8/18/12
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
RAINBOW RIDER Unlocked 8/18/12
25 Points
Defeat the jelly fish boss
RICH Unlocked 8/18/12
25 Points
Find one thousand coins
WRINKLY GRAPES Unlocked 8/18/12
25 Points
return the old mans speedos
UNTOUCHABLE Unlocked 8/18/12
50 Points
Beat a level set without dieing
LAW MAN 10 Points Redeem yourself to the sheriff
OUTLAW 10 Points Help Stabby break out of jail
BLOOD THIRSTY 25 Points Kill one thousand enemies
SPIDER MAN 25 Points Defeat the spider boss
CHAMPION 50 Points Beat the final boss
SUPER ADVENTURER 50 Points Complete all levels
MILLIONAIRE 100 Points Find one million coins

Medals Earned: 13/20 (230/500 points)

T E T R I S ' D: The Game

One Wrong Move Unlocked 12/22/11
5 Points
Die by falling off the edge.
Still Alive Unlocked 12/22/11
5 Points
Stay alive for 50 block-drops
Tetris'd Unlocked 12/22/11
5 Points
Die by getting squished.
'My Up Key is Jammed!' 5 Points Survive 15 seconds without jumping.
Competing 5 Points Submit your score.
That Was Useful 5 Points Perform 15 corner-flips in one game.
Well Educated 5 Points Complete the Tutorial.
Addicted 10 Points Play the game for at least 20 minutes.
I'm Not Stopping 10 Points Stay alive for 100 block-drops.
Leap, Kangaroo 10 Points Jump 50 times in one game.
Total Showoff! 10 Points Earn a score of 45+ seconds without jumping.
Dodgelicious 25 Points Stay alive for 250 block-drops.
Smooth Moves 25 Points Perform 3 consecutive wall-jumps.
Ninja 100 Points Perform 6 consecutive wall-jumps.
True G4m3r 100 Points Stay alive for 1337 block-drops.

Medals Earned: 3/15 (15/325 points)

Toss the Turtle

Acupuncture Unlocked 12/16/11
5 Points
Get skewered on spikes
Gold Star Unlocked 12/16/11
5 Points
Launch the Turtle
Jump Man Unlocked 12/16/11
5 Points
Smash a goomba
Novice Unlocked 12/16/11
5 Points
Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)
Drunk Driver Unlocked 12/16/11
10 Points
Blow up a jeep
Strong Armed Unlocked 12/18/11
10 Points
Get punched by a banana
Question Mark 5 Points Find the hidden button
Amateur 10 Points Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)
Harrasment 10 Points Crush an angry ground creature
in Space 10 Points Reach space
Abducted 25 Points Get caught by a UFO
Icarus 25 Points Get burned by a sun
Persistent 25 Points Play over an hour
Professional 25 Points Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)
Radioactive 25 Points Use a nuke
Addicted 50 Points Play over 2 hours
Golden Shell 50 Points Buy everything
Master 50 Points Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)
Traveler 50 Points Total over 1 million feet
WorldsEdge 100 Points Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Medals Earned: 6/20 (40/500 points)

Tower of Heaven

TENACIOUS EID Unlocked 8/18/12
5 Points
Clear a level after dying five times in it.
GOD COMPLEX 25 Points Collect all hidden secrets
ATOP THE WORLD 50 Points Climb to the top of the tower
ETERNAL SANCTITY 100 Points Complete the game with no deaths
INDIGNANT DIVINITY 100 Points Achieve a Speedrun Mode time under three minutes

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/280 points)

Utopian Mining

Being generous! Unlocked 5/9/12
5 Points
Give John some money.
COAL Unlocked 5/9/12
5 Points
Find coal.
Start off your adventure! Unlocked 5/9/12
5 Points
Enter Utopia.
IRON 5 Points Find iron.
Vamos a la playa! 5 Points Get some sand.
A good investment... 10 Points Give Dave some money for his project.
Engineer 10 Points Help building the steammachine.
GOLD 10 Points Find gold.
It works! 10 Points Make the steammachine work.
WOLFRAM 10 Points Find wolfram.
DIAMOND 25 Points Find diamond.
Expensive experiments 25 Points Give George some smaragds.
Project completed! 25 Points Give Dave some sand.
RUBY 25 Points Find ruby.
Saving electricity 25 Points Give George some wolfram.
SMARAGD 25 Points Find smaragd.
The COre 25 Points Get the COre.
Jewelry 50 Points Give Jamie some rubies.
Hero 100 Points Finish the game
A rich robot! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cool! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The perfect robot Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/22 (15/500 points)